Finding the right balance of food is important to the quality of our lives. Good health is not only dependent on a healthy diet, exercise is important too. Exercise helps increase vitality & metabolic rate. A healthy balanced diet combined with regular exercise goes a long way to ensure a healthy body. As habits are formed in the early years, it is vital we provide our kids with the benefits of healthy eating & physical activity.


When I needed to lose the excess weight I managed to acquire post baby I decided to consult a professional… and Food Fix was just that. Not only was Therese professional in every aspect of her dealings with me but she went above and beyond my expectations. Her interest in my weight management and education was genuine, her attitude was supportive and her coaching was tailored to my lifestyle- not a generic one size fits all style. I couldn’t believe how quick my waistline shrunk! The skills I learnt are lifelong not short term- and clothes shopping has become a joy once more. Thanks T!Zeina