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Festive season tips

November 30, 2016

The Christmas- New Year festive season is a tricky time for anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet. With seasonal goodies and often excessive amounts of food around, how can you make it through this time of year without regrets?

Susan from Foodfix4Life has some tips for a happy healthy festive season.

Snacks and platters

  • Avoid potato chips (no nutritional value) instead try raw nuts or small serve of cheese (feta or cheddar, not brie or camembert) and grain/ seed crackers.
  • Prepare a dip platter using veg such as carrot and celery and non-creamy dips like salsa or hummus.
  • Keep track of how much you are eating – use a small plate rather than just grazing from the main platter.

Main meals

  • Roast/ BBQ lean meat with veg or salad are ideal – stay away from pork crackling and chicken skin.
  • Swap potato or pasta salad for slaw or green salads. If you want the creamy dressing drizzle combine mayo with natural or greek yoghurt, wholegrain mustard and thin with water or lemon juice.
  • Watch serving sizes – start with a smaller plate, a huge helping makes you more likely to overeat and not stop when full.

Sweets/ Dessert

  • Combine cacao, dates, almond meal and coconut to make a nutritious truffle or ‘rum ball’
  • Prepare a fruit platter

Food Safety

  • Temperature Danger zone (bacteria start to multiply) = 5° – 60°C
  • Potentially hazardous foods include meat, fish and poultry, dairy, cooked rice and pasta (incl salads), pre-packaged salads (including spinach/ lettuce leaves).
  • If these foods have been at room temp (including preparation/ serving) for:
    • 2 hours – either refrigerate or cook ASAP
    • 2-4 hours – consume immediately
    • 4 hours – discard, do not re-refrigerate/freeze. Freezing may stop bacterial growth but will not kill existing bacteria.


By Susan Bown.