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How much do I eat?

November 26, 2017

How much do I eat?


Our body needs fuel to function, and the amount you need to eat is dependent on those fuel requirements. Anything below 1500 calories per day for those exercising, will put your body into starvation and be detrimental to your goals.


Under eating may give quick short-term results seeing changes to your body but is not going to be sustainable long-term. Under eating will also cause inability to build muscle and even burn muscle for fuel when necessary. Over eating or anything in excess will put unnecessary pressure on the body. It can only do its best to deal with the excess – e.g. storing body fat.


Our bodies have a built-in fuel dial called hunger and appetite, not only signalling energy is needed but also nutrients. Listening to these warning and signals correctly will enable you to consume the fuel your individual body needs. When the fuel dial is signalling low the most important focus is to put quality food into your body. Hunger is satisfied but nourishing food, giving your body what it needs to function. Choose products not from a packet, factory or drive through window. Instead fresh from nature, minimally processed, still containing the original nutrients they were designed to have.


The latest fad or diet may be packaged in an appealing way but cannot override the proven science of what your body needs. A healthy relationship with food will become a lifestyle that supports long-term change. This is most important, as to not live from one diet to the next.

By Jess.