Below are some commonly asked questions, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Q. Is this for kids as well as adults?
A. Absolutley. As habits are formed in the young years we ensure kids are informed of healthy eating and its benefits.

We give you plenty of lunch box, snacks and dinner ideas to keep them more than satisfied.

Q. Do you recommend exercise programs?
A. Yes. We can advise on the necessary type of exercise for the individual or refer you to one of our recommended Personal Trainers.


The fine print…


Q. Do I need to exercise?
A. No. However exercise should be a want not a need. We do not ask you to run for endless km’s a week, simply find an exercise such as walking to increase vitality, decrease stress and help our metabolic rate.

Exercise keeps you healthy on the inside. Combining exercise and a sensible meal plan will promote weight loss and therefore change you ascetically.