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Therese is the founder of Foodfix4life, a company dedicated to improving health and vitality. As a food coach Therese has combined her knowledge of food, diet and exercise to develop healthy recipes, meal plans and exercise programs that are simple and balanced, to ensure long term sustainability.

Therese is also a mum to two girls, a nutritionist, fitness instructor and personal trainer with over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. Therese is truly passionate about maximizing health and well-being through simple and effective changes whilst incorporating balance and perspective.
Therese’s program uses fresh foods no pills, fads or shakes.

Each meal plan is individually tailored to suit the needs of the client.

Therese specialises in Sports Nutrition, Weight loss, Pregnancy, Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes management. Her approach is practical, non invasive and non clinical.

Therese also consults on all topics relating to health, nutrition, fitness, recipe development, menu writing and business mentoring. Therese has recently contributed to radio and television interviews, magazine and newspaper topics.

Therese also has consulted and is currently working closely with elite sporting teams and their staff.

Therese’s qualifications include studying a bachelor of Applied Science (Food & Nutrition), Diploma in Food Coaching, Diploma in Business Management and various Fitness Certificates.

I believe you can never stop learning, and will endeavor to continue my learning through scientific studies and valuable courses.

If you eat well, you feel well, and live well!

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Professor Dr Shirley Mcilvenny


Professor Dr Shirley Mcilvenny is CEO and Director of the Food Coach Institute. Originally from the UK, Dr Shirley is a GP and Family Doctor, living and working in Australia. She has been Head of a University Department of Family Medicine and was Professor of Education in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University, Queensland. She has over 20 years’ experience writing education courses and teaching medical and other students.

Dr Shirley was born in Ireland and trained as a doctor in the UK. After becoming a Family Doctor she travelled all over the world, studying how illness could be solved by healthy nutrition. Now settled in Australia, Prof Shirley has developed her practice to include nutrition as a healing therapy. She is passionate about preventing illness and helping people learn how to eat the right way in today’s unhealthy world. Her aim is to train as a many Food Coaches as possible to spread the message and help combat our 21st Century diseases of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and arthritis. Alongside this established and successful medical career Dr Shirley is also a published author, her books are available through her web store .

Dr Shirley has been running the successful Food Coach institute since 2011.

In 2015 Dr Shirley and Therese Lemura ( Founder of FFFL) have partnered to bring you their combined experience and expertise with their franchise model.

She also brings to the franchise valuable business experience in small business finances, marketing and operational strategies to keep your business operating at the peak of fitness.

I’m absolutely convinced that great health is all about eating the right food. Getting the message out there through FoodFix4Life is my passion. We’re here to support each other in improving the health of Australians with the latest, research-based healthy eating advice in a way that’s practical and do-able, and makes sense to clients. It’s great to be part of a family of food coaches, all with the same passion to get out there and help people change their health and their lives.


Gina Symonds

Food Coach- Licensee

Gina is a passionate health and wellness advocate, believing that food is medicine and is the key to living life full of health and vitality.  Gina has completed her Diploma in Nutrition at the Food Coach Institute and has a qualification in Social Work.

With these fields combined, Gina takes a holistic approach to health, incorporating aspects of nutrition, mindfulness and relaxation to achieve the best possible outcomes for life long, sustainable health.  Her approach is person centred, co-designed, goal directed, place based and collaborative, in order to meet the requirements of each unique situation.  She is also a passionate advocate for the promotion of good nutrition as a powerful tool for improving mental health, concentration and success.  Her approach is evidence based and built on the latest, up to date research.

Gina has trained and specialises in:

  • Diabetic Education
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy, Lactation and Children
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Disease Management
  • Specialised Diets
  • Gut Health.
  • Industry Talks and Demonstrations
  • Group Work

If you are looking for a specialised program, Gina will happily assist with your needs.

Gina provides easy, fuss free and achievable meal plans and services with practical applications for shopping, cooking, budgeting, and eating.  She also conducts cooking programs, shopping tours, demonstrations and provides resources for her clients.

Gina is also a qualified Personal Trainer and enjoys exercising regularly, especially attending her weekly Bikram (Hot) Yoga Classes.  When Gina is not in a Yoga class you will usually find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen and spending time with her family.

Gina’s true mission in life is to support the needs of individuals, families and groups with the practical tools to experience increased vitality, improved mental health, energy, concentration, success and a life as free as possible from disease and pain.  Gina believes that everyone has the right to experience the positive effects that come from good Nutrition.

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Food Coach- Licensee

Melissa is a Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher and has a Certificate in Nutrition.  Melissa has been on her health and wellness journey for over 20 years.  She has studied many modalities, including, Ayurveda, Reiki and Angel Therapy.  Her passion for learning, has seen her travel the world spending time in Ashrams in India and retreats and festivals in Indonesia and Thailand.  Melissa’s other interests include walking, Qi Gong and swimming in the ocean.
Melissa’s approach is, when we become mindful of the choices we make: from the foods we eat, to the thoughts we think, we will reach our desire of a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Melissa is passionate about assisting clients to reach their goals of weight loss management and making those healthier lifestyle choices.    Melissa will be with her clients, encouraging and supporting them, every step of the way, on their health and wellness journey.



Food Coach - Franchisee

Jess is a Fitness, Food & Lifestyle coach. As a personal trainer and food coach, Jess can provide tailored eating and exercise plans. Her training includes; Cert III and IV in Fitness, and an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Counselling specialising in sports nutrition and weight loss.

A passion for health has developed through her own journey and discovering the influence food, fitness and lifestyle can have on your wellbeing. Her driving desire is to help people reach their full potential living a life free from health limitations.

Jess combines her practical approach to food and fitness to help you achieve & sustain your potential in health & vitality.

Jess offers PT, Nutrition advice or a combination of both. Including pregnancy, couples and family packages.



Food Coach - Franchisee

Karola holds an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and a Bachelor of Languages majoring in Japanese. Karola has six years’ experience in the fitness industry, predominantly in Les Mills as a leading instructor in Body Attack, Body Combat, Grit Strength, Body Balance, CX Worx and a background in Martial Arts holding a first degree black belt in Karate.
Karola specialises in weight loss/management, sports conditioning, pregnancy and diabetes. Karola has a passionate and realistic approach to eating and exercise. Her personal approach will help tailor sustainable food and lifestyle habits, to meet the needs of each client.
Karola spends her spare time at the gym, cooking, outdoors at the beach or paddle boarding.