Kids Move & Learn Program

Kids Move & Learn is all about encouraging our young ones to be active and healthy.

The program focus is on fun daily exercise to keep a healthy heart. We teach the benefits of exercise such as strength, fitness, health and fun.

Activities include movements of speed, agility and games for fun! The learning component is focused around a different fruit or vegetable each week.

The kids sit down at the end of their training, listen to nutritional benefits and try various fruits and vegetable such as bananas, apples, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, celery, red capsicum, cucumbers and so on. It is great to see the kids all get in and have a try, some adopting new taste buds for foods mums and dads have been trying to get them to eat for a very long time! Some kids go home and have those foods for the entire week until our next session!

Unfortunately childhood obesity statistics are alarming, one in four Aussie children are overweight or obese. As habits are formed in the young years we need to ensure that we continue to communicate the benefits of exercise for good health. I would like to see as many kids get involved as possible. Due to this we have kept the cost to just $10 per child which goes directly to the PT. All prizes, fruit and vegetables, are donated by Foodfix4life.

Our program is run by qualified mature personal trainers. Parents are welcome to stay however we ask that kids are collected promptly at the specified finish time.Kids are to wear sports shoes, t-shirt and shorts, bring a hat, jacket and bottled water.

The program runs after school and school holidays at 9:30am, then again over the Christmas holiday period.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

To book your School or child in please call us direct on 0430 011 919 or through our contact page.