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Carlton Chiropractic & Osteopathic Centre

Joseph V. Montuoro, B.Sc(Anatomy), Post Grad Dip Chiro, Doctorate in Ostopathy

Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatments treat pain at its source, support you and maintain good health, flexibility and help you to simply feel better, move more easily and get on with your life.
We are members of the CHIROPRACTORS  AUSTRALIA.
We provide a professional assessment of your ailment and condition with 29 years of service and experience. All your questions are answered and treatment will include deep soft tissue massage.
Postural analysis, Electrophysical Therapy (TENS unit/Ultrasound) AND Dry Needling Acupuncture can also be provided.

Our Services

At Carlton Chiropractic and Osteopathic Centre we provide therapies that help you to manage:

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Postural issues

DVA & Pensioner Rates

All Treatments Include Massage.


348 Railway Pde, Carlton, NSW, 2218

Phone: 02 9588 5616

Mobile: 0438 313 938



By Claire

Raw & Whipped is a business focussed on healthy treats.

Claire has partnered with Foodfix4life for a line up of Raw cakes, slices, bliss balls plus more to keep those cravings at bay.

All recipes are developed with Foodfix4life for health and well being. Raw & Whipped uses wholesome ingredients with no refined sugars, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Together we can share our passion for a healthy way of life, whilst enjoying guilt free treats!

No time to make those GF muffins and Bliss Balls on the Foodfix4life program? No problem, Raw & Whipped will make them for you, and deliver straight to your door!

To place your order of muffins or bliss balls contact Claire.

Raw and Whipped has a sister company called

Sugar Whipped cakes for all your personalised cakes and cupcakes.

Feel free to see browse some of Claire’s outstanding inspiration  for your next party or event!

Ph: 0415 783 347


The Protein Bread Company

Australia’s lowest Carb bread with only 2.4g per serve.

Fuel your Body with all natural goodness, no hidden nasties, and with high protein you have sustained energy that helps you power through your day.

Available in store for pick up or order dry mixes on line and bake in the convenience of your own kitchen.

Freeze and have on hand when needed.

Dry mixes are available for Protein Bread, Protein Muffin mix , Pizza base and also Protein Pancake mix.

All of which are low carb, GF and guilt free!

Enter the code ‘foodfix4life’ at checkout for 10% off all online purchases.




Thermomix Consultant

My name is Jodie and I am a passionate indépendant Thermomix consultant. Being a consultant allows me to share my passion for health and real food.

In 2014 I went to a demonstration because I needed to know “What this kitchen appliance was all about”.

Instantly I could see the benefits of a Thermomix .

I knew this machine would contribute to my personal pursuit of not only physical health, but most importantly inner health through food.

I was hooked, and the rest is history!

It ceases to amaze me the huge variety of healthy (and yes sometimes naughty) meals I am now creating.Meals that I never  would have even considered attempting in the past!

I would love to see a Thermomix on every kitchen bench, bringing back cooking in the home, with the family and from scratch.

A demonstration is the best way to see how the Thermomix works, and how it would benefit you and your family.It allows me to focus on what is important to you, whether it be time, saving money or allergies to name a few.





Email: jodiemccullum@gmail.com