When I needed to lose the excess weight I managed to acquire post baby I decided to consult a professional… and Food Fix was just that. Not only was Therese professional in every aspect of her dealings with me but she went above and beyond my expectations. Her interest in my weight management and education was genuine, her attitude was supportive and her coaching was tailored to my lifestyle- not a generic one size fits all style. I couldn’t believe how quick my waistline shrunk! The skills I learnt are lifelong not short term- and clothes shopping has become a joy once more. Thanks T!



Just wanted to say a massive thank you for teaching me about the healthy side of life. I believe that there would be at least 90% of people out there that have no clue as to what & how the body works. For the last 5 years I’ve tried training harder and harder to get results with my weight & thinking what I was eating was right, only to find that I really had no idea! After seeing you I realised that my metabolism was so messed up I had no chance on fixing it on my own. People like you should be working at schools helping kids understand the importance of a diet & healthier lifestyle.

It’s amazing how a couple of simple changes along with the right information about what to eat made such a difference to my metabolism & in turn gave me the long lasting results I needed. It’s also amazing how other ingredients within particular brands can have such an impact. Since I have increased my metabolism I have found it is much easier to keep my weight at a stable level, but only due to your plan.

Your passion for a healthier life style is contagious and very motivational. It makes me want to achieve the results I never thought I could. The biggest difference was your continual support. I could communicate with you easily and ask those questions that were on my mind.

Overall just wanted to say a big big big thank you, your knowledge is greatly appreciated and it’s great to see how much weight loss I achieved! And you still care about how I’m going with it all!!! Your knowledge has helped me teach some simple lessons to my children & my wife always comments on how simple you made it for us to follow.



element-divider-2I started Foodfix quite some weeks ago.Im not counting the weeks because I don’t think of it like that. This is my new way of life. Foodfix has given me the knowledge of how to eat correctly and to look after my body with exercise. I found that once you have the know-how, it is really easy. I eat all the time but now I have the knowledge of what foods to eat and what brands to buy. I can even have my wine and chocolate! Ive lost weight and feel wonderful. Thank you so much Foodfix.You have made such a difference in my life.


People think they know how to eat well, and when they think of weight loss, the first thing they think of is diet. This is not a diet, it is a simple way to eat healthy, change bad habits and an enjoy a new way of eating without boredom, eating like a rabbit or starving. I love it, my kids love it, and we all love how it has changed our lives. It’s nice to look in the mirror and like what you see. If you want a long term fix, this is it. You don’t know what you’re missing.



I want to stay in touch with you because I consider you my nutritionist, but also my friend.



I would just like to say what a wonderful opportunity you provided me so soon after giving birth to my darling daughter Alexis.

I was feeling out of sorts and not too comfortable in my post-baby shape and wanted to lose some of that extra weight I had gained during the pregnancy.

Your diet plan was easy to follow, very affordable, practical and very easy to stick to.  Most importantly, with some low impact exercise incorporated into my every day, the weight I gained seemed to just fall off.  It was quickly noticeable and I felt great with my results. Thank you for helping me and educating me to eat right.



Food Fix 4 Life has not only changed my life but also that of my family.  I was first told about Food Fix 4 Life after visiting my doctor and asking her if there a pill I could take to lose weight.  She informed me that I needed to learn about good eating habits and put me in contact with Therese.

What started as a journey for myself to lose weight turned into a family affair.  My children also started on a food plan.  It was amazing to see those waist measurements and  kilos just melt off them.

What we have all learnt from Therese is so much more than just how to lose weight. We have learnt about nutrition and exercise, and as a mother it is so great to know that I am teaching my children about healthy eating.

I cannot thank Therese enough for what she had done to help my family.  She is not only a nutritionist but has become part of our family.  Whenever I had a question or needed advise about the program she was there, I never felt like we were doing this on our own.

Thank you Therese I am so grateful to have met you, I will continue healthy eating for healthy living!



After having my baby last year, getting the weight off was a little difficult.When I discussed this with a friend she recommended I try Therese and foodfix4life – it was the best thing I have ever done, not only has the weight come off but I have increased levels of energy and concentration. The program that was created for me was easy to follow, didn’t cut out the things I love (my coffee!) and it was fulfilling. In doing the program Therese has also educated me on how to choose better meals when out, and also how to read food labels and  be able to choose better when at the supermarket. I am now happy in knowing that when I buy things not only am I benefiting myself but am also more importantly helping establish healthy eating habbits for my family. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change, one which I would recommend anyone take up – not only those wanting to loose weight but for anyone wanting a better approach to eating….





Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge to take care of my health. Your 12 week program has been awesome. It has helped me lose weight, eat better and become healthier!



Hi my name is Rose I am 45 I had high cholesterol, low iron and was overweight for my height. My husband 44 is a type 2 diabetic has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and overweight. I have two children a girl 18 who has overactive thyroid, imbalanced hormones and over weight. A boy 16 with a weight problem had no energy and never ate breakfast. We were introduced to FOOD FIX 4 LIFE by our doctor in April 2013. At our first session we all felt comfortable, motivated and educated in our own home. Each member of the family was given a meal plan to suit the foods we liked. We were provided with information on what foods were good for us and yummy nutritional recipes that were easy to make.

Since being on this program my Family’s health and fitness has improved immensely. My blood results came back all healthy and normal. My husband’s insulin level has dropped, his cholesterol is normal and blood pressure is normal. My son has breakfast every morning and has a lot more energy.My daughter’s thyroid problem is a bit better and she too is more energetic and happy. We have all lost weight and look forward to continuing this program to improve our overall health.

A big thank you to Therese for all her support and encouragement through this program. If we have a problem, question or need advice Therese is always there to answer and help. You have helped my family immensely. We are looking forward to more great results and enjoying our new healthier lifestyle!



Hi my name is Natalie and I’m 18 years old. Since doing the FOOD FIX 4 LIFE program I have improved my life style, changed my eating habits, and feel more energetic. At first I thought not another diet here we go again bla, bla, bla. Then I met Therese who made me feel comfortable, was honest and didn’t judge me. My meal plan is not a diet but a new way of life. Therese has made me feel more confident and happy as I see my results… . All of this and I don’t get hungry! Thank You Therese for all your help and support.



I would like to thank Therese and Food Fix for setting me on my weight loss/change of lifestyle journey.

Over the years I have tried many diets and weight loss programs where even though I have lost weight and had short term success, it was not sustainable long term. Therese has given me invaluable knowledge in relation to food and nutrition and given me fantastic easy to follow food recipes which are so delicious that I never feel like I am missing out. What I love about Food Fix is that it is not a diet program, but rather an individual approach to food which can be adapted to everyday life whether I am at home, away on holidays or have a big night out planned and unlike other weight loss programs no food is denied.

Having regular one on one consultations where it was just Therese and I in my own home as well as regular follow up emails always made me feel that Therese was genuine in helping me and her passion for wanting to help others is evident.

I am halfway through my journey with Therese and so pleased with the results so far. Thanks Therese and Food Fix.



Therese and Food Fix 4 Life has changed my life, 3 months ago I contacted Therese to help me with my weight and health issues, after my consultation with  Therese, she changed my diet around which was really easy to follow and I did not have to purchase anything out of the ordinary which was great.  After the 4th day I felt a difference by the second week I was feeling great, I can honestly say this is the best commitment I have made personally in a very long time, this is not a fad diet this is a life style change and now I look at myself I look and feel great I have lost kilo’s and centimetres.  I thank Therese everyday for the new me and I would recommend Therese and Food Fix 4 Life to anyone it is truly a life changing experience.



Foodfix4life changed my outlook on life by providing me with a meal plan that was less like a diet and more like a way of life. It makes healthy eating seem easier and doesn’t limit me to avoiding certain food groups that we can all admit we love! More than just weightloss, Foodfix4life allowed me to regain the confidence in myself that I had lost.